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Death on a Desert Highway (2011)

Ho Chi Minh City Blues (2018)

Tarantella (2018)

String Sextet (2019)

Obliquity (2019)

Chamber Orchestral- Evolution Traverse in Three Movements (2019)

Chamber Orchestral- Toccata, Nocturne, & Fugue (2019)

Chamber Orchestral- Triple Concerto for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano 1st Movement (2018)

Chamber Orchestral- Triple Concerto for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano 2nd Movement (2019)

Chamber Orchestral- Three Gets Two in Three Movements (2020)

Orca Symphony in Four Movements (2020)

Chamber Orchestral- Ursatz I (2020)

Chamber Orchestral- Ursatz II (2020)

Chamber Orchestral- Ursatz III (2020)

Chamber Orchestral- Ursatz IV (2020)

Sounds of March (2021)

Homage to Cool Jazz-1959 (2021)

1000 Year Spring- Tribute to the Flamenco Artists I Have Known (2021)

Indonesian Folktale (without narration)- Timun Emas [The Golden Cucumber] 2021

Indonesian Folktale (soundtrack)- Jaka Tarub and the Seven Angels (2021)

Little People Series #1- Tuyul (2021)

Little People Series #2- An Orang Pendek Family's Adventure (2021)

Little People Series #3- Ebu Gogo & Homo floresciensis (2021)

Nuevo Baroque Chamber Music (2021)

Equisonance (2021)

Tidal Zones (2021)

Planet Cooldown (2021)

Evensong (2021)

Pipelines (2021)

O gnostos kai agnostos I (2021)

O gnostos kai agnostos II (2021)

O gnostos kai agnostos III (2021)

Rue des Quatre-Vents - North Wind (2021)

Rue des Quatre-Vents - South Wind (2021)

Rue des Quatre-Vents - East Wind (2021)

Rue des Quatre-Vents - West Wind (2021)

Ouverture (2021)

Entropy - First Movement (2022)

Entropy - Second Movement (2022)

Lagrange Point One (2022)

Lagrange Point Two (2022)

Lagrange Point Three (2022)

Lagrange Point Four (2022)

Lagrange Point Five, First Movement (2022)

Lagrange Point Five, Second Movement (2022)

Mandala Quaterna (2022)

aNaMNeSiS- Recollection of a Previous Existence (2022)

Eight Moonstones for Chamber Ensemble (2022)

Rondo I (2022)

Rondo II (2022)

Sweet Ann Am I (2022)

May I Confess My Soul (2022)

Deepavali 1st Movement (2022)

Threnody for Intermarium (2022)

Rites of Zunk (2022)

Once and Forever (2022)

Halleluiah, Rafael! (2022)

Αμετάφραστο Untranslatables 1st Movement: Dadirri

Αμετάφραστο Untranslatables 2nd Movement: Sehnsucht

Αμετάφραστο Untranslatables 3rd Movement: Hyppytyynytyydytys

Threnody for Ukraine- 2 Songs: Prelude & Evil's Revenant

Threnody for Ukraine- Whence the Orphan Child

Threnody for Ukraine- Accident of History

Threnody for Ukraine- The Subterraneans

Threnody for Ukraine- Courage Born

In Memoriam- Ahmad Jamal (1930-2023)

Torrid Zone

Tropics of May


Jazz Suite - 1st Movement

Jazz Suite - 2nd Movement

Jazz Suite - 3rd Movement

Leid I - "Eve Of"

My Favourite Things (arr.)

Chamber Quintet

Chamber Septet

Two Sopranos & Chamber Octet

Which of Us is I and Which is You


Renaissance Fanfare

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Threnody for the People of Ukraine- Song Cycle Poetry

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