The Little People Series of Indonesia #1- Getting to Know the Tuyul

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    By John Michael Gorrindo

    Audio Track: Getting to know the Tuyul

    Creatures of the Indonesian Rain Forest

    Indonesia is a very big place and has so many islands that you can barely count them all! Can you count to 17,000!

    There are many different tribes of people who live on these islands and each tribe has there own stories about mysterious things that happen in the Rain Forest. There are many stories about strange creatures that live on their islands. Today, Fiona and Will, I want to tell you about one island- Java- and the myth of the mysterious TUYUL.


    Long ago in Indonesia on the island of Java- an island both Atty and myself and your mother and father have visited- a myth grew among the islanders. Now a myth is something that might not actually be true, but people believe it to be true anyways! Now this myth is about of the “Tuyul”- which is a creature in the form of a dwarf or of a small child wih a bald head! Here is an illustration of a Tuyul:

    Kinda scary, right kids?! And even more scary is that the Tuyul is very TINY, and can fit in the palm of your hand. Take a look:

    Now- these are just metal figures- they aren’t REAL TUYUL. There metal figurines are meant to show how small the Tuyul are. The people of Java thought of the Tuyul as DEMONS. The Tuyul would only come out from the Rain Forest at night. They are mischievous creatures beause they steal riches- meaning money and jewels- but especially money- from rich people. Do you see the bag the Tuyul has slung across his his back in the first picture above? It’s full of goodies!

    They were up to some nasty tricks, those Tuyul, but they are never noticed when they are at work! The Tuyul snuck around, were very quiet and could even pick somebody’s pocket! But they didn’t ever hurt people in other ways. They would just steal from them and then melt into the forest!

    I have written some music that you can now listen to: it is music for the Tuyul who would caper and dance together in the forest after they stole some money from rich people! Listen carefully- maybe you’ll be able to imagine the Tuyul dancing in the moonlight. I hope you enjoy it!

    I love you Fiona and Will…………………and stay tuned for Little People of Indonesia Series #2!